Slip Rings

Wind Turbines

Pandect have had a great deal of success in offering very low maintenance systems in critical applications and greatly extending the life-span of slip rings used in hostile environments such as sub-sea, zero atmosphere and radioactive sites, where access for maintenance is impossible.

Pandect can now offer the same solutions to the wind power industry where a cost effective low maintenance slip ring solution could potentially be key to the success of a wind turbine project.

Pandect’s design flexibility allows the customer to choose which features to incorporate into their slip ring specification, giving them the opportunity to be able to balance unit cost against necessary functionality, while still being able to rely on Pandect’s ability to produce a high quality and reliable unit.

Micro Generation

  • Both standard and custom designed units can be utilised to create the best solution
  • Systems with or without IP rated housings
  • Combined power and data units
  • 25 year lifespan units
  • Systems suitable for grid tied, battery charging, A/C & D/C

Large Scale turbines

  • Easily integrated with hydraulic systems and fluid rotary joints
  • Systems can be designed with integrated Fibre Optic Joints (FORJ)
  • 20-25 year lifespan, with 5 year maintenance intervals
  • Brushes with auto wear detection, auto changeover available
  • Dual tracks to further extend unit life
  • Modular design for easy part replacement or upgrade
  • Typical protection levels of IP65


Slip Rings - Wind Turbines

Slip Rings - Wind Turbines

Slip Rings - Wind Turbines