Slip Rings

Video and Optical Systems


  • Military target acquisition systems
  • Military surveillance
  • Outside broadcast boom mounted cameras
  • Studio broadcast TV equipment
  • CCTV
  • Stabilised weapon sights
  • UAV, UGV & USV
  • Gimballed electro-optics

Modern electro-optical systems offer 360° endless panning and transmission of large amounts of data. At the heart of these sophisticated systems all data and power is passed through a slip ring system. Whether the application is for a remotely operated outside broadcast HD camera or a stabilised weapons platform, Pandect can offer highly reliable, compact units that can cope with the high bandwidth signals, many data channels and the impacts associated with field work.

Our introduction into remote camera mountings came from working on unmanned aerial surveillance projects and later on more advanced stabilised sight systems for fixed wing aircraft, helicopters and UAVs. Payloads have included combinations of daylight and lowlight cameras, infra-red and thermal imagers, and laser range finders.

Along with our expertise in camera platform solutions for defence applications, Pandect also has a long history of working with remote camera head manufacturers in the film and security industries. Pandect have provided many custom built slip ring solutions enabling camera mount manufacturers to offer 360° panning systems with full tilt, whilst still incorporating multi video, data and power channels.


  • Standard units and custom design
  • Transmission of high definition video with high frame rate.
  • 360 degree continuous panning
  • Integration of rotary joints and Ethernet
  • Fully gimballed systems
  • Twist capsule integration


Slip Rings - Video and Optical Systems

Slip Rings - Video and Optical Systems

Slip Rings - Video and Optical Systems