Slip Rings

Industrial Applications


  • Mechanical handling
  • Robotics
  • Lifting equipment and cable reelers
  • Hazardous area equipment
  • Satellite assemblies
  • Wind tunnels
  • Sub sea applications
  • Remote operated vehicles

Some of today’s most advanced technology can be found in industrial applications. Modern crane or cable reeling requirements can call for large and sophisticated sliprings, having hundreds of circuits to facilitate their operation often in hazardous areas. Pandect have had a great deal of success in offering very low maintenance systems in critical applications and greatly extending the life-span of slip rings used in hostile environments such as sub-sea, zero atmosphere and radioactive sites, where access for maintenance is impossible.


  • Explosion proof units
  • High reliability low maintenance
  • Oil filled units for sub-sea applications


Slip Rings - Industrial Applications

Slip Rings - Industrial Applications