Slip Rings



  • Missile guidance systems and stabilised navigation platforms
  • Gimballed avionic instruments and gyroscopes
  • Missile launchers and weapon pedestals
  • Fighting vehicles, RBJ units (transferring signals and power from turret to hull)
  • Airborne stabilised gun platforms and sights
  • FLIR systems
  • Submarine ICBM systems
  • Fixed wing aircraft and helicopters for propeller and rotor de-icing systems

Pandect’s background in military aircraft instrumentation has meant that we have been successfully supplying slip rings and potentiometers to the defence industry since 1965. With front line projects ranging from miniature units for missile guidance systems to large RBJ (rotary base junctions) units for tank turrets, Pandect has developed an enviable reputation for delivering high quality turnkey rotating contact solutions to defence system integrators worldwide.

Each defence application demands a unique solution often combining high current power channels and hundreds of signal rings, into a rugged and highly reliable low maintenance unit tough enough to meet the challenges of a wide variety of battlefields.


  • FORJ integration
  • EMC shielding
  • 1000A+ power channels
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic integration
  • Electro-optical systems


Slip Rings - Defence

Slip Rings - Defence